Do you know how air purifiers work?

Do you know how air purifiers work?

Air quality is becoming more and more worrying. Many households already have a sense of clean air, but do you understand how air purifiers work? Today I will show you how the air purifier works. The working principle of Healthomse air purifier, a new brand in the Air Purifier industry, serves as a representative.

In the winter just past, the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic
has spread in many countries around the world, leaving many cities with economic stagnation, traffic paralysis, and social activities in a closed state, causing great inconvenience! Spring is here, and pollen and infectious germs are gradually spreading in the air. Under the COVID-19 epidemic, the importance of air purifier products for people to breathe fresh air is also re-emphasized. With the breaking of technical bottlenecks, more professional brands occupy more and more market share, of which Healthomse is one of them. The cutting-edge brand Healthomse air purifier technology continues to innovate and its quality continues to improve, attracting more and more consumers' attention. The following uses Healthomse as an example to teach you to identify an air purifier and help you make the right choice.

The newly launched Healthomse Air Purifier DMY20001-US in 2019, as an innovative independent brand, the founding team of Healthomse Air Purifier conducted an in-depth investigation based on the current status of US smog and indoor air pollutants in the home and has a deep understanding of atmospheric pollution and indoor air problems. In the removal of PM2.5, the imported 3M high-efficiency HEPA medical grade is used. In the removal of formaldehyde and bacteria, it has broken through the traditional adsorption technology. It adopts three levels of filtration-adsorption-UV anti-virus technology, combined with efficient layer-by-layer filtration so that The organic matter of formaldehyde is continuously and effectively decomposed, and it can completely kill bacteria and viruses, prevent the growth of mold, and prevent secondary pollution. The body is made of Samsung imported ABS equivalent plastic, safe, and environmentally friendly.

Healthomse air purifier is composed of motor, air duct, pre-initial filter, high-efficiency HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, photocatalyst catalytic light source, UV lamp, chassis shell, and other parts.

1. Motor
The motor as the heart of the air purifier source determines the life of the entire air purifier. The motor of the Healthomse air purifier is produced by Nidec Corporation, a manufacturer of small motors, electronic optical components, and brushless DC motors. Before the motor leaves the factory, it has passed 100,000 hours of performance testing and has a longer life. Ventilation efficiency is 5-6 times that of ordinary fans, stable speed, more efficient, lower power consumption, and ultra-quiet.

2. Air duct
The Samsung imported ABS material is adopted, and the three-dimensional vertical air duct design is adopted. The external primary effect filter is easier to see the adsorption effect. The parallel air inlet is 30 cm away from the ground, and the air is discharged from the top, forming a 90-degree three-dimensional air inlet and outlet, which makes the machine run low. Noise, faster circulation! Unique air duct design The machine placement space is not restricted by the traditional purifier to maintain 50 cm left and right and is more suitable for home indoor use.

3. Efficient adsorption antibacterial HEPA purification system
By 3M medical H13 level HEPA high-efficiency filtration system (filtering efficiency of particles of 0.3-micron size reaches 99.99%).

4. Case shell
Imported Samsung ABS equivalent plastic body, rounded corner design, safe and environmentally friendly, durable.
In the context of many air purifier brands, complex and not professional, the cutting-edge brand Healthomse air purifier has high-cost performance, adopts international leading air purification technology, and the materials are real. The industry where product quality and workmanship have always been a model of ultimate ingenuity.